Nik and Holden

Nik and Holden

New Faces For Our New Face

As we gear up to open up El Reloj to the public, we needed to bring on some new employees. At J.C. Newman Cigar Co., our employee is our family, and so we approached these new hires with real purpose. Nikolaos H Psilopoulos and Holden Campbell Rasmussen each bring strengths to our company, and we could not be more excited to have them join.

Nikolaos, or ‘Nik’ brings with him an extensive knowledge of tobacco. As a certified tobacconist Nik will be running the entire retail portion of our new museum and factory experience. If you’re looking for a cigar recommendation, or a keepsake, Nik is your guy. Nik will also be instrumental in the tobacco experiences in the factory, leading tours and classes when you book them in advance.

Holden will be helpful not only in our retail space, but also in the continuation of our museum curation. History is always in the past, and as soon as our museum opens, much of the information will be dated. Holden will assist us in keeping the information up to-date, as well as archiving pieces of history we simply could not fit into the museum. With a plethora of cigar boxes, newspaper articles, and cigar labels and bands from the last 125 years, we’ll look to Holden to continue to chronicle our family history.

Learn more about Nik and Holden below!


Nik Psilopoulos

IG: @localareanetwork813

When Nik isn’t smoking a Julius Caeser Corona or  Don Carlos #4, he’s herding sheep with his Australian Shepherds.

If you visit him at the J.C Newman Cigar Company factory store and decide to smoke a cigar, he may even show you his coolest trick: perfectly cutting a cigar with his eyes closed.

A few other fun facts about Nik:

Favorite Place to Travel: Blue Ridge Mountains.

Favorite Thing About Cigar History: The ecology behind growing tobacco.

5 Things You’d Take on a Deserted Island: Cigars, dogs, truck, fruit, and probably books because the batteries don’t die.

Only dead fish swim with the stream.” – Malcolm Muggeridge

Holden Rasmussen

Holden is a true cigar enthusiast. His favorite thing about cigar history is how it has made Tampa, Florida the city it is today.

Holden listens to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers while smoking an Alcazar No. 4. Something that may delight all American’s about Holden is that he’s related to our first President George Washington.

Here are some other fun facts about Holden:

Favorite Place to Travel: Norway

5 Things He’d Take on a Deserted Island: A rooster, a hen, a bible, a ladder, and a rubber duck.

Most Interesting Moment: Shaking hands with the ambassador from Mongolia at a dinner party

“You can always count on Americans to do the right thing — after they’ve tried everything else.” – Winston Churchill

The Women Behind the Cigars

The Women Behind the Cigars

Hannah Newman: J.C.’s Mother and Bank-roller  

Julius Caeser “J.C.” Newman was born in Austria, Hungary in 1875. But that is not really where his story begins.

When the Newman family settled in Cleveland, it was time to embark on “The American Dream” and start earning a living. J.C.’s brothers became tailors and insurance salesmen, but he wanted to become a cigar maker. Though he spoke no English, he learned to recognize the words ‘Help Wanted’ and saw a sign in a cigar shop in 1892. Unfortunately, it was more like an “internship” than a job. He asked his mom for some money to study at the shop as an apprentice, and she gave it to him.

After a few years of practice and perfecting the trade, he was ready. He didn’t have a job but he had a skill. So Hannah stepped in again. She went to the grocery store where she shopped every week and made a deal with their grocer. Through this exchange, she secured an order for him for 500 cigars, and he was in business – inside the house. But not for long. In J.C.’s autobiography Smoke Dreams, he talks about his mother “giving him the boot.”

 “…I moved into the house and stored the tobacco in the basement, where the family canned goods were also stored. This turned out to be rather impractical since my mother discovered that her home-made canned goods and jellies were acquiring a strong tobacco flavor.”

She promptly kicked him out and he moved his business into a new building for a $20 a month rent. And thus, the J.C. Newman Cigar Company was born.

Ms. Katherine White: An Important Cog in

the Newman Cigar Machine

Hannah wasn’t the only woman that deserves credit for the growth of J.C. Newman Cigar Company…

As business grew for J.C. in the early 1900s, so did the workload. He placed an advertisement in the paper, searching for a combination bookkeeper and stenographer and ultimately hired a young woman named Katherine White. She had been a schoolteacher in a small town and had moved to the city of Cleveland in search of a more attractive, fun-filled life.

J.C. made her a generous offer – $10 a week, with a promised raise in two-weeks’ time if she proved herself. She proved herself, and some. That two-week time frame came with a monetary raise, as well as a title raise: she was named ‘Manager’ AND ‘Financial Secretary.’ In fact, J.C. trusted her so much that if anyone in the office needed money – including himself – they would need to get the official sign-off from her.

Ms. White was a smart, and sophisticated woman, who carried a gun for protection and became more efficient with each passing year. In his book, J.C. writes, “I sometimes wondered which one of us was really the boss, since I always reported to her…to this day, I owe much of our success to her pioneer effort and ability.”


Gladys Pollasky: A Partner in Love and Business

The dedication page in J.C.’s novel says it all. “I dedicate this book to my wife, Gladys – whose understanding and inspiration made the writing of this story of my life possible.”

J.C. was struck by her from the start. “I made up my mind that I had better get busy quick, and land that girl [before she] had a chance to get too well acquainted with too many competitors.”

Throughout the book, J.C. makes note of the kind of partner Gladys was. She was instrumental in hosting important members of the tobacco industry, throwing parties for members of organizations like the National Association of Tobacco Distributors (NATD), which ultimately helped J.C. purchase tobacco at a cheaper rate to stay in business. She also took the lead in creating an Auxiliary Convention for the wives of the NATD members so they could accompany their husbands to big meetings. This eventually led to the “Women’s Division of The National Association of Tobacco Distributors.” For many years she was the President and Director, all while being a mother to Helen, Elaine, Millard, Stanford.

Women in the Background

Third Generation Owner, President and J.C.’s grandson Eric Newman has said on more than one occasion that the company would simply cease to exist without the women who work there. The finance, HR, shipping, marketing, inside sales, and military departments are heavily comprised of (if not run by) women.

The initials ‘J.C.’ might be at the start of the company name, but without his mother, his bookkeeper, his wife and the amazing staff of women who work at J.C. Newman Cigar Company today, no one would be enjoying our amazing cigars.

2019 Cigar Industry Awards

2019 Cigar Industry Awards

January is a very exciting time of year for the cigar industry, and especially for J.C. Newman this year!

Not only does January kick off the celebration of our 125th year as a company, but it is also the month when industry publications reveal their awards for the previous year – in this case, 2019.

As we embark on 2020, here are the awards that J.C. Newman has been honored to receive. A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who has taken the time to smoke our new creations like The American, as well as our cigars that are tried and true. As America’s oldest, family-owned, premium cigar maker, we strive to bring quality products to market time, and time again.

The American

J.C. Newman Cigar Co.

Diamond Crown No. 6

Diamond Crown No. 3

Black Diamond Radiant
1908 Tobacco Leaf Full Issue

1908 Tobacco Leaf Full Issue

As J.C. Newman continues to archive old documents, cigar boxes, and pieces of history for the newly renovated museum, there are many artifacts worth sharing. One such piece is an issue of the publication ‘The Tobacco Leaf,’ from February 20, 1908. This issue contains many J.C. Newman features, including an advertisement for The American cigar, pictured above.

What’s most notable about each of the artifacts we are archiving is how J.C. Newman Cigar Co. has created such a legacy. The pre-World War I era was truly the “Heyday of Cigars,” and all 42,000 cigar manufacturers were hustling to compete. Today, every single one of the cigar manufacturers who advertised in this 1908 trade journal is out of business – all but one: J.C. Newman.

Read about each of the features of this issue below, and click the button at the bottom to download the full edition.


  • Page 8: A piece on Fred Thrall, a Connecticut farmer whose descendants sell J.C. Newman the Connecticut Shade we use for Brick House Double Connecticut.
  • Page 38: A piece on a company called “Klafter and Sauber” and their distribution of “Judge Wright, of the J.C. Newman Cigar Co. cigars.”  This is J.C. Newman’s oldest customer, Klafter’s, and is still run by Sam Klafter’s descendants today. This partnership has lasted over 112 years.
  • Page 38 Continuation: The author writes, “J. C. Newman, of the J. C. Newman Cigar Co., is invading the far West territory. He went out on a trip that will last about four weeks. He has more than one brand to show, but he will devote his attention principally to Judge Wright, a nickel brand, which he is making his leader. “J. C.” is an industrious young man, and he succeeded in making this brand well known in this and neighboring States. It can be taken for granted therefore that the Judge Wright will be come well known in that part of the country that he is exploiting now for the first time.
  • Page 41: An ad for The American – with the same seal that we use today.
  • Page 45: An ad for Judge Wright cigars.
Smoking with Pride

Smoking with Pride

My very first experience with cigars was at the ripe age of 18 at a high school graduation. As the boys who were becoming men gathered around in their caps and gowns to light up their first cigars, I refused to sit by and watch. With a very ‘anything you can do, I can do better’ attitude, I approached the young men, grabbed a small, light cigar that I’d eventually come to know as “infused,” and let one of the nearby adults – the real adults –  show me how to cut and light.

With each puff I grew more and more fond, and as with everything else in life as I grew up, my palate changed. I began gravitating towards darker cigars, stronger cigars, thicker cigars. Before long, I was the aficionado amongst my group of friends – a rarity at my small, private college. It was a mixture of luck, passion, and a great friend that I came to work at J.C. Newman, and my time here has brought me nothing but pride.

Accepting a digital marketing role at J.C. Newman was a dream come true; but not just because of the cigars. My interview for the role was conducted by three women. The second interview was conducted by an additional two; I realized the people I’d be working directly under would be women. I had attended an all-girls high school, had joined a sorority in college, and admired my mother – a beautifully strong woman with an even stronger sense of will. Working under women was an absolute goal of mine, and if the cigars weren’t enough of a draw, the management certainly was.

and if the cigars weren’t enough of a draw, the management certainly was.

I graciously accepted, and only after my first few days flipping through old biographies, did I realize the importance of women in the history of J.C. Newman.

Julius Caeser Newman was a brilliant and talented cigar maker. His mother however, played a crucial role in getting him his first cigar order.

Stanford Newman’s wife Elaine wore the pants in the relationship, by his own omission in his biography Cigar Family.

Aimee Cooks has been the HR and QA manager here for 30 years.

Eric Newman, a man I admire has said more than once, that our company would cease to exist without women. The ownership of this company recognizing the female contributions; also a dream come true.

I have never worked in such an environment. I am respected, and I am heard, and I am never asked if I need help with my cigar; invaluable.

J.C. Newman, and the Newman family, are champions for women, and I could not be more proud to work for such an incredible company with such a strong history, reputation, and dedication to making quality cigars.

Cigar Life Lakeland Diamond Crown Lounge

Cigar Life Lakeland Diamond Crown Lounge


Join us on February 29, 2020 from 12 pm – 4pm at Cigar Life in Lakeland, FL for food, music, prizes, and specials on Diamond Crown Cigars!

As of November, Cigar Life in Lakeland, Florida is now a designated Diamond Crown Lounge!


Cigar Life: A Cigar Institution


For years, Mario and Patty Medina, owners and operators of Cigar Life Lakeland, have been friends of the Newmans, supporters of local nonprofits, and lovers of premium cigars.

Cigar Life opened almost three years ago, and ever since, has been renowned for a widely stocked humidor, relaxing environment, and above all else; superior customer service. The Facebook and Google reviews for Cigar Life number in the hundreds, each one more complimentary than the next.

“We have a 2,400 square foot lounge that meets the top criteria of what cigar smokers are looking for…no one leaves unsatisfied.”

But it’s not just the cigars that Mario and Patty bring to the public…it’s also the opportunity to give back.

Cigar Life hosts a yearly event to benefit the Southeastern Guide Dogs, an organization that Bobby Newman, Executive Vice President of J.C. Newman, has worked closely with for decades.

“After we attended Havana Nights last year, we were so moved by the cause. We have a huge veteran customer base, and so it fit well for us; it was something we really wanted to get behind.”


Elevating Diamond Crown

Though it has been made “official” on the dotted line, Cigar Life has been an advocate for the Diamond Crown line of cigars for years. While boasting a humidor filled with a number of premium and boutique brands, there is something about the Diamond Crown cigars that Mario and Patty keep returning to.

Diamond Crown has always had a big place in our hearts…we’ve always had an affinity for the Newman brands. We love the legacy they bring to the cigar industry. Who they are, what they do, and how they give back is a fit for us. Our core beliefs about customer service and quality align well with what the Newmans are doing.”

The legacy of Diamond Crown, and what it stands for – history, quality, patience, and elegance – match the mission and efforts of Cigar Life in a way that made them a natural fit as a Diamond Crown Lounge.

What you can expect from Cigar Life 

Cigar Life holds their annual anniversary party every January (find more information about their January 18th party here). Be sure you also mark February 29th on your calendar for the grand opening of Cigar Life as a Diamond Crown Lounge. More details are coming, so do not forget to follow along on our social media!


Cigar Life

Address: 5724 Florida Ave S, Lakeland, FL 33813
Phone: (863) 603-8495


M – Th: 11 am – 9 pm
F – S: 10 am – 10pm
SUN: 12 pm – 6pm

What I Learned from Owning a Cigar Shop

What I Learned from Owning a Cigar Shop

J.C. Newman’s 109-year-old El Reloj cigar factory in Tampa Florida is the last-operating cigar factory in what was once known as the Cigar City.  In El Reloj, we roll premium cigars both by entirely hand and by antique, hand-operated cigar machines.

Company founder Julius Caeser Newman purchased our hand-operated cigar machines in the 1930s.  They were built by AMF, the same company that builds bowling ball return machines, and each has approximately 10,000 parts.  Since AMF stopped making these antique machines many decades ago, our team of mechanics carefully restores and maintain them, including fabricating custom replacement parts when needed.

Our antique cigar machines do not make small cigarettes or cigarillos. There is no button to press that will churn out cigars in an automated way.  Unlike modern, fully automated, high-speed machines that can produce millions of cigarettes or little cigars per hour, our antique cigar machines are operated by a highly trained cigar roller.

The skilled roller uses her hands to individually lay each wrapper leaf for every cigar that she rolls.  She also uses foot pedals, much like those seen on vintage sewing machines, to control the antique machine.  At most, our cigar rollers can roll 15 cigars per minute using our antique, hand-operated cigar machines.

The cigars we roll using our hand-operated cigar machines are works of art.  We use high quality, premium cigar tobaccos from all over the world on these special cigars.  We sell them in bundles instead of fancy boxes in order to keep them affordable.  You may be familiar with some of the cigars we roll here. Mexican Segundos, Trader Jack’s, Tampa Trolleys, and even the cigar Stanford Newman named himself, Factory Throwouts to name a few.

We are proud of all the cigars we roll in our El Reloj factory. We employ more than 100 incredible, including cigar blenders, rollers, and packagers.  Our antique, hand-operated cigar machines are an important part of America’s premium cigar tradition, we are able to keep tha tradition alive in Cigar City.  Pick up a Tampa-made cigar today and don’t forget to tag us on social media with the hashtag #jcnewman when you smoke it!

Tinder Box Rapid City Diamond Crown Lounge

Tinder Box Rapid City Diamond Crown Lounge

On September 6 of 2019, Tinder Box Rapid City opens their Havana Room as a designated Diamond Crown Lounge! There’s so much you won’t want to miss!

Cigar Deals and Special Appearances

From 6 pm – 9 pm on September 6, the Tinder Box Rapid City Diamond Crown Lounge will host their grand opening party featuring a ton of great deals. Those who purchase any single cigar in the Diamond Crown Royal Family (Diamond Crown, MAXIMUS, Julius Caeser or Black Diamond) received a free Diamond Crown Julius Caeser 1895 perfecto cigar. This 1895 perfecto vitola is only available to distinguished Diamond Crown lounges.

Those who purchase any box in the Royal Family will receive a free, limited edition, Diamond Crown Royal sampler and will be entered for a chance to win a Diamond Crown Alexander 160 Count Humidor.

And if the cigars weren’t enough, 3rd Generation Owner and President Eric Newman will be on premises, to meet, greet, answer questions and tell some stories about the J.C. Newman family legacy and the story of the Diamond Crown cigar.

Tinder Box Rapid City will have this event catered, and at 9 pm, the weekly live music will commence to roll patrons into the rest of the evening. No tickets are required for this event.



Tinder Box Rapid City: More than Just a Cigar Shop

Tinder Box has been a staple in the cigar smoking community of Rapid City for quite some time, but a few brand new additions will delight cigar smokers, old and new. Their new, expanded humidor is large enough to carry the most prestigious brands. Their private meeting space is perfect for small gatherings, parties, or meetings.

Tinder Box Rapid City Diamond Crown Lounge offers a wide bar selection to pair with your favorite smoke, as well as light fare, and cigar lockers. The live music from 9 pm – 11 pm every Friday and Saturday brings people in, while in-season, the outdoor patio allows patrons to enjoy the summer weather. The newly appointed decor sets the perfect mood for sharing a cigar with friends, or unwinding after a long day.

The Diamond Crown Lounge Designation


Tinder Box Rapid City has a reputation that proceeds itself. As a staple of the cigar industry, we are honored to partner with them as they open their Havana Room as a Diamond Crown Lounge,

Diamond Crown lounges are places where cigar aficionados can meet up and enjoy an unparalleled selection of fine and exclusive premium cigars. This is a lounge you’ll want to visit time and time again for Diamond Crown events or to relax with other cigar lovers.


Frisker the Bar Dog



Tinder Box Rapid City
Address: 518 7th St. Rapid City, SD 57701
Phone: (605) 341-8466


M – T: 12 pm – 10 pm
F – S: 12 pm – 11pm
SUN: 12 pm – 6pm

Tinder Box Rapid City Entrance

Underground 420 Private Event Space

Havana Room Private Event Space

An Interview with The Cigar Club

An Interview with The Cigar Club

The Cigar Club, a store just outside of Nashville, is a place where everyone feels like family – that’s what Patricia Williams, Co-Owner and General Manager of the store told us during an interview last week. At the annual IPCPR Trade Show this past July, J.C. Newman ran a contest for retailers: anyone who posted a photo of themselves with their Regional Sales Manager would be entered for a chance to have their store featured on our blog, social media, and newsletter. Patricia’s photo with her RSM Louis Marshall landed her the 1st place prize, and so we (JCN) called her up to find out exactly what The Cigar Club (CC) is all about.

JCN: So – how long has Cigar Club of Nashville been open?

CC: 22 years.

JCN: Wow. That’s a long time!

CC: I know. The store opened 22 years ago. Hard to believe. It’s been a great journey.

JCN: And have you always had a passion for cigars?

CC: Well 22 years ago, I signed up to be the office manager. For four to five weeks after taking the job, I just watched these guys sit around the table smoking cigars and enjoying them so much and so I decided to try one, and I’ve been smoking ever since.

13 years ago, when the previous owner decided to sell [Cigar Club], I was trying to figure out what I was going to do. By that time, I had become the manager of the store. I had made so many friends; I enjoyed the business, the community, the friendships I made, the customers I met – we’re like a family. By that point I decided there wasn’t anything else I wanted to do. That’s when I and another customer bought the previous owner out and we’ve been the operators for 13 years. And I still love the cigars.

JCN: So now that you’re in it, what’s your favorite part of the cigar industry?

CC: The people absolutely. The fact that when you are smoking a cigar, you are instantly bonded with the person sitting across from you, even if you have nothing else in common. It’s a bond that transcends age groups, race, and social status.


Patricia Williams, her husband Todd Williams, and some Cigar Club regulars

At any given time, we can have six guys around the table; you’ll have doctors and construction workers, and these are people that wouldn’t come into contact any other way but that cigar. So many friendships are formed, so much business has taken place. It’s a spirit that…it makes us all brothers of the leaf. It really is that way. I have seen it for 22 years.

 Now, new people come in and the best compliment I get, after the second or third time they’ve come in, they’ll say, “since the first time I came in here, I felt like I was home.” Everyone accepts you. It’s a ‘pull up a chair’ mentality. It doesn’t matter if you’re smoking a three-dollar cigar or a ten-dollar cigar or even a pipe – we love our pipe guys too! [a chuckle]

It’s a family. I love the cigars. I would smoke even if I didn’t have the store because I love the family part.

JCN: That’s an amazing atmosphere to have! Sounds like your regulars are a huge part of creating that. Do you want to talk about some of your regular customers and how they contribute to the store?

CC: I have customers that have been coming in 22 years and also new people all the time. It’s a nice mix of new people and people who have been here forever. Actually, it’s funny – it’s hard to know who’s working. I mean we have tee shirts for our employees of course, but I say that because the regulars are so helpful. They get up and go help people that come in if I’m busy. They’ll show them around the humidor and help them pick out cigars. They’ll say, “I can’t ring you up because I don’t work here but this is a good one.” Its comical, but it’s a testament to the atmosphere we have at the store.

[The regulars] wives will call, and they’ll say, “Yeah I’m down at the club,” meaning the Cigar Club. Their wives will send them here when they are under their feet too much too.


It’s my regulars that have carried us along; I can always depend on them. They’re always so friendly that when new people come in, they feel welcome. They’re constantly telling each other about new products that come in and they build the excitement. They’ll say, “she just got ‘this or that’ in!” They are unofficial salespeople for me. They love it. They want it to be successful and they’re always saying nice things about us. It is unusual for someone to come in the store and not be greeted, if not by my staff, but sometimes before we get a chance to say hello, our customers are greeting them. They are a huge part of keeping us going.

Any job is a job, and has its good days and bad, but they make it amazing. They make it worth it. Young guys hang right in there with the older guys and swap stories. These guys are solving the problems of the world I swear! [laughing]

JCN: Do you have any specials for these regulars? Or any annual traditions or celebrations?

CC: We do a customer appreciation day two times per year in May and October. It is two days out of the year that we run a discount on everything in the store and that’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ to our customers. It varies but it’s always on a Saturday and it’s a nice discount on anything in the store for them.

Patricia Williams and her daughter Elizabeth Boyd

JCN: Ok, shameless plug: what is your favorite J.C. Newman cigar?

CC: The original Diamond Crown is probably my favorite. On a more regular pace: The Brick House. I could smoke that every day. But I would absolutely take a Diamond Crown to celebrate, and I like the original the best.

JCN: Second shameless plug: which J.C. Newman product is a best seller at The Cigar Club?

CC: I would say the Brick House. The Mighty-Mighty size does well in all three wrappers but the original Mighty Mighty is the best seller. My guys are smoking [the Brick House] all the time and it’s a great priced cigar.

JCN: What are you most looking forward to for the future of cigars?

CC: I am extremely encouraged by the number of new smokers and that people are constantly branching out and trying new things. Being in the business for 22 years, I’ve seen that people were very stuck with one brand. Maybe they were Fuente guys or Padron guys and they might buy something else, but they didn’t stray too far.

Now, people are looking for and trying new cigars. Even with FDA regulations, and the price increases, I am encouraged by the fact that people, and even new smokers, are enjoying the variety. They don’t seem to be put off by the fact that the prices have to go up. We have lots of new cigars coming out and new blends – lots of different twists. When you’re doing this for this long, you would think we would run out of combinations to come up with [a laugh] but with new blends and different rolling styles… the customers are enjoying that.

JCN: Alright, here’s your chance to tell everything about your RSM Louis Marshall. How does he take care of you? Any dirt?

CC: [A laugh] No! No dirt! He is very efficient. He is quick to respond if I have a question or place an order – I always hear back, right away. Really that’s all I ask from a rep – let me know if anything new is going and that if I have a problem or a question that they get back to me promptly and that’s what he does. He’s great.

JCN: Is there anything else you want J.C. Newman blog readers to know about The Cigar Club?

CC: We always call ourselves ‘your local tobacconist’ because we try to be very informed on the products. Two of my employees, Lauren and Evan, have already passed their Tobacco University tests and are now tobacco verified retail specialist and our other employees Dave and Todd are working on it. We try to be very well informed.

We have a knowledgeable, friendly staff to help you make your decision. We look at it as an educational thing to explain and help [customers] find what they want. We try to stay informed and educate customers. We sell cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco and accessories for those. We don’t do cigarettes, chew, or vapes or any of that. We are on the traditional end – we sell tried and trusted brands. We have a few boutique companies, but we are not a boutique store. We have a family atmosphere. That’s the big thing.



Patricia Williams and her silent partner Steve Bridges operate Cigar Club of Nashville seven days a week. Their hours are Monday – Saturday 10 am – 7 pm and Sunday 12 pm – 6 pm. You can learn more about them on their website:

Address: 2148 N Gallatin Road
Madison, TN 37115

Phone: 615-859-2425

J.C. Newman and Arturo Fuente – The Beginning

J.C. Newman and Arturo Fuente – The Beginning

The Fuente cigar factory in the Dominican Republic is usually the first thing that comes to mind when people discuss the J.C. Newman and Arturo Fuente partnership, but fate brought these two companies together in 1986 in the Cigar City, Tampa, Florida.

An Opportunity

Mere weeks after Stanford, Eric and Bobby Newman completed the leveraged buy-out of 13 other family members in order to consolidate leadership, Stanford received a call from fellow Tampa cigarmaker, Carlos Fuente, Sr. Fuente wanting to focus all of his efforts on his growing Dominican Republic operations but didn’t want to abandon his Tampa-made brand, Moya. Associates through Tampa’s local cigar association, Carlos asked Stanford if he would be willing to make Moya in his historic El Reloj factory.

Stanford, aware of the booming imported handmade market, agreed to make Fuente’s Tampa cigar if Carlos would create a hand rolled Dominican cigar for J.C. Newman.


J.C. Newman’s Dominican Cigar Brands



In 1986, Tabacalera A. Fuente rolled its first brand for J.C. Newman, La Unica. Within six months, La Unica became the #1 selling premium bundle cigar in America. Since then, the Newman and Fuente families have collaborated on some of the top Dominican cigars including, Cuesta-Rey, Diamond Crown, MAXIMUS, Julius Caeser and Black Diamond.

Committed to Success

The J.C. Newman and Arturo Fuente Cigar Company partnership is the most successful premium cigar manufacturing and distribution combination in the world. The partnership has stood the test of time because the families share values of quality, integrity, loyalty and philanthropy.

It has been more than 30 years since Carlos Fuente, Sr. called Stanford Newman with a simple request and has since blossomed into an unrivaled alliance.