J.C. Newman Ships The American Black Bison Cigar Case

J.C. Newman Ships The American Black Bison Cigar Case

J.C. Newman Cigar Co. Ships The American Black Bison Cigar Case


This uniquely American cigar accessory is handmade in the USA and contains 100% American cigars.
J.C. Newman is also shipping the fall release of The American and Angel Cuesta cigars.


Today, J.C. Newman Cigar Co. is shipping The American Black Bison Cigar Case. This limited-edition cigar case is unique because both the case and the special cigars inside are all-American. Both the case and the cigars were made in the United States using all-American components. J.C. Newman is releasing 350 cases with a suggested retail price of $300.

“The American Black Bison cigar case celebrates the centuries-old tradition of American cigar making,” said Drew Newman.  “The craftsmanship of the case and the cigars contained inside is exquisite, and I am very proud that this case is all-American.”  

The case was handcrafted by Brizard and Co. in California using leather from one of the most iconic symbols of the United States, the American Bison. The Bison leather used in this cigar case came from Ted Turner’s ranch in Montana. Inside are three cigars from the first release of The American cigar in 2019. They were rolled in 2018 with wrapper from the 2016 crop of Florida Sun Grown tobacco. These cigars have been aging in the basement Cigar Vault of J.C. Newman’s 113-year-old El Reloj cigar factory in Tampa, Florida, for the past five years. 
In addition to The American Black Bison Cigar Case, J.C. Newman is shipping the fall allocation of The American and Angel Cuesta cigars to 107 of the finest premium cigar retailers in 40 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.  Both The American and Angel Cuesta are hand rolled in El Reloj.


the american cigars in a cigar box

The American cigars are rolled with 100% heirloom American tobaccos. It is the only cigar rolled with Florida Sun Grown wrapper. Its Connecticut Broadleaf binder is grown by an eighth-generation family farmer. The filler is a combination of a Connecticut Havana and Pennsylvania Mennonite tobaccos. From the wood and hinges on the cigar box to the cigar bands and cellophane tubes, every part of The American is proudly made in the USA.

angel cuesta cigars

Angel Cuesta was created a century ago as the official cigar of King Alfonso XIII who ruled Spain from 1886 to 1931. These luxury cigars feature a beautiful Ecuador Havana Rosado wrapper with a blend of aged binder and filler tobaccos from three continents. Angel Cuesta is finished with a pigtail cap that is reminiscent of an angel’s halo. Two of J.C. Newman’s most experienced cigar rollers roll between 50 and 70 Angel Cuesta cigars per day.

Ciento por Ciento 2023

Ciento por Ciento 2023

J.C. Newman Ships Brick House Ciento por Ciento 2023 Cigars

This limited-edition cigar is exclusive to members of the Tobacconist Association of America


Yesterday, J.C. Newman Cigar Co. began shipping the 2023 release of Brick House Ciento por Ciento cigars.  This year’s release is a 6.25” x 54 toro packed in boxes of 10 cigars.  The suggested retail price is $11 per cigar.  J.C. is shipping 800 boxes to TAA members across the United States.

“First rolled in the 1930s, Brick House was one of my great-grandfather’s original cigar brands,” said fourth-generation owner Drew Newman.  “He created this brand to honor the rural village where he was born in Austria-Hungary. The house where he was born was known as the ‘brick house’ because it was the only house in the village made of brick. The bottom floor was a general store and tavern and my family lived on the second floor.”

Brick House Ciento por Ciento cigars are bold and flavorful.  They featured a dark wrapper grown in Nicaragua’s Jalapa Valley.  The binder tobacco is grown in Esteli and the filler comes from three regions in Nicaragua.

“These Brick House cigars are very special because we roll them with 100% Nicaraguan tobacco,” said Newman.  “‘Ciento por Ciento’ means 100 percent in Spanish. These are the only cigars that we roll entirely with Nicaraguan tobacco.”


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ciento por ciento box of 10 cigars
El Reloj Set

El Reloj Set

J.C. Newman Cigar Co. Introduces the El Reloj Set

201 LEGO Bricks Build a Replica of the Historic El Reloj Cigar Factory in Tampa


Tampa, Fla. – This week J.C. Newman Cigar Co. will be introducing the El Reloj Set at the Premium Cigar Association Trade Show in Las Vegas.  Each set includes 201 authentic LEGO bricks which build the west façade and famous clocktower of J.C. Newman’s iconic El Reloj cigar factory in Tampa, Florida.  The backside reveals the factory’s 113-year-old clock movement on the first floor and bales of tobacco in the basement.

“When I was a little kid, I spent lots of time in our historic El Reloj cigar factory in Tampa, including countless hours on the floor of my dad’s office playing with LEGOs,” said fourth-generation owner Drew Newman.  “I loved LEGOs and I love our iconic building. I am very excited to bring both of these loves together with our new El Reloj set.”

The suggested retail price of the El Reloj set is $100.  Sets will be available in the J.C. Newman Factory Store and on J.C. Newman’s website at the end of August.

“I am very grateful to Sherry and Alex Kalita of our design partner Common Bond Design for creating this wonderful way to honor our beloved and world famous cigar factory,” said Newman.

drew newman with lego el reloj set
lego el reloj set front
lego el reloj back side
J.C. Newman Ships The American Black Bison Cigar Case

The American Black Bison Cigar Case

Brizard and J.C. Newman Introduce The American Black Bison Cigar Case


The limited-edition luxury cigars and case are both handcrafted in the United States

Tampa, Fla. — In celebration of Independence Day, Brizard & Co. and J.C. Newman Cigar Co. are introducing The American Black Bison Cigar Case.  This three-finger cedar-lined luxury cigar case is handcrafted in California by Brizard with genuine American Bison leather from Ted Turner’s Bison herd in Montana.  Each case contains three vintage three-year-old The American Robusto cigars, which were rolled with 2018 Florida Sun Grown wrapper in J.C. Newman’s historic El Reloj cigar factory in Florida.  This is a limited edition of 350 cases with a suggested retail price of $350. 

“One of the fundamental requests from J.C. Newman was to have, like the cigar, a 100% American made product,” said Cyril Brizard.  “Bison leather is supple, with many characteristics ranging from natural wrinkles, pebble grains and is four times as resistant as regular cow leather.”

“I am very proud that The American Black Bison Cigar Case is a 100% American luxury product,” said Drew Newman.  “Bison is an iconic American animal.  Because it is handcrafted in America with American components, this case honors the history of the United States and the tradition of American cigar-making.”

Brizard further described the case as follows:

“This three-finger cedar lined case is very masculine yet elegant and packed with understated details that make it so unique. The black bison leather is trimmed with a handmade thin red leather pipping. Inside the case, the edge of the cedar lining is trimmed with The American cigar boxes original cigar box edge strips featuring The American logo. This can only be seen when the case opens. At the base, a polished brass plate features a laser engraved The American logo and a Bison silhouette. On the lower part, an oblong shaped matching brass plate features the serial number ranging from 1/350 to 350/350. After being hand polished and engraved, both plates are sealed with a special brass lacquer used on musical instrument which prevents it from tarnishing over time. The case includes two solid Spanish cedar dividers which have multiple functions; they add structural rigidity, separate three cigars and while seasoned help retain humidity inside the case. Like all Brizard & Co cases, The American Bison case has a tight fit between top and bottom parts in order to ensure optimal seal and ideal humidity. The cases although very light are made mounting the leather of thin galvanized steel plates in order to have structural rigidity and prevent accidental crushing of cigars. They can fit up to three 60 ring gage cigars and can open to different lengths.”

Honoring the 1st Cigar Hand Rolled in Ybor-Sanchez y Haya

Honoring the 1st Cigar Hand Rolled in Ybor-Sanchez y Haya

J.C. Newman Celebrates the 137th Anniversary of First Cigar Rolled in Tampa By Reintroducing Sanchez y Haya Cigars

Sanchez y Haya Rolled the First Cigar in Tampa on April 13, 1886

One hundred thirty-seven years ago today, Sanchez y Haya rolled the first cigar in Tampa, Florida.  Many others followed, causing Tampa to become known as “Cigar City” and the “Fine Cigar Capital of the World.”  In celebration of this anniversary, J.C. Newman has recreated the original Sanchez y Haya cigars and will reintroduce them at a celebration this evening at Hotel Haya in Ybor City.  Hotel Haya is located on the site of the original Sanchez y Haya cigar factory in Tampa’s Ybor City historic cigar district.

Sanchez y Haya cigars open box

Although Vicente Martinez Ybor decided to build the first cigar factory in Tampa, his friends Serafin Sanchez and Ignacio Haya opened their factory a few weeks before Ybor’s factory was complete.  Because of this, Sanchez y Haya was designated as “Factory No. 1” in Tampa.

Because cigars were much smaller a century ago, J.C. Newman’s recreated Sanchez y Haya cigars are short robustos measuring 4.5” x 50.  Each is hand rolled with either a Sumatra Sungrown or a Oscuro Maduro wrapper and Cuban-seed binder and filler tobaccos, just like Sanchez y Haya used in 1886.  These cigars are sold individually inside vintage Sanchez y Haya cigar boxes with a suggested retail price of $8.  Sanchez y Haya cigars are sold exclusively in Tampa.  In addition to Hotel Haya, they are available at the J.C. Newman Factory Store in the historic El Reloj Cigar factory and other select premium cigar retailers in Cigar City.

    sanchez y haya closed box
    old sanchez y haya band with new band
    sanchez y haya open cigar box
    Honoring Veterans Day with The American Cigar

    Honoring Veterans Day with The American Cigar

    J.C. Newman Honors Veterans Day with The American Cigar

    Tampa, FL- In honor of Veterans Day on Friday, November 11, J.C. Newman Cigar Co. is partnering with 14 premium cigar retailers across the United States for a special promotion featuring The American cigars.  Third and fourth-generation owners Bobby and Drew Newman will personally attend the event at Corona Cigar Co. in Tampa from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Friday.

    “As the first all-American cigar, The American is the perfect cigar to recognize and celebrate the veterans who have served our country,” said fourth-generation owner Drew Newman.  “We proudly hand roll The American in our 112-year-old El Reloj cigar factory in Tampa, Florida with heirloom American cigar tobaccos.   Not only is every leaf of tobacco grown in the United States but all of the packaging, from the cigar boxes to the cellophane tubes, is made in America as well.”

    Close Up on The American Cigar Band on top of American Flag

    Each retailer will have a special selection of The American cigars that were rolled with the 2019 crop of Florida Sun Grown wrapper and have been aged for one year.   Each retailer will also be giving away a selection of The American hats and felt pennants, which are also made in the United States.  The grand prize at each store is an authentic Louisville Slugger baseball bat emblazoned with The American shield.

    The American is a highly acclaimed medium-bodied cigar.  As J.C. Newman rolls just 160 of them per day, The American is a very special, limited, boutique cigar.  The American received the Cigar Trophy for Best Brand and Cigar from the United States in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

    “There is simply no cigar like The American,” said Drew Newman.  “We invite cigar enthusiasts to tour our El Reloj cigar factory in Tampa so that we can show you how we hand roll The American and keep America’s historic cigar-making tradition alive.”


      The American Veterans Day Participating Retailers

      Cuesta-Rey No. 95 Cameroon Launch

      Cuesta-Rey No. 95 Cameroon Launch

      J.C. Newman Celebrates 127 Years with Cuesta-Rey No. 95 Cameroon
      These special cigars are an El Reloj factory exclusive.

      Tampa, FL – Because Julius Caeser Newman founded his cigar company on May 5, 1895, today is J.C. Newman Cigar Company’s 127th anniversary.  In celebration, J.C. Newman is releasing the new Cuesta-Rey No. 95 Cameroon cigar as an exclusive at its historic El Reloj cigar factory in Tampa, Florida.
      Fourth-generation owner, Drew Newman, explains:

      Close up of Cuesta-Rey No. 95 Cameroon 5-Pack

      “After the Cuban Embargo was imposed in 1962, my grandfather, Stanford J. Newman, scoured the world for new types of tobacco. He discovered exquisite African Cameroon Wrapper (ACW) and was the first premium cigar maker to use it in the United States. Stanford wrapped ACW with a Connecticut Broadleaf binder and long filler tobaccos grown in the Dominican Republic to create the Cuesta-Rey No. 95. It was smooth, elegant, and flavorful, and became the top-selling premium cigar in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s.  Sixty years later, we are proud to have recreated the original blend of my grandfather’s most famous cigar, the Cuesta-Rey No. 95.”

        Cuesta-Rey No. 95 Cameroon is handmade in J.C. Newman’s historic El Reloj cigar factory in the “Cigar City” of Tampa, Florida.  It’s a 6.25 x 42 cigar that retails for $15 each.  Beginning today, J.C. Newman is selling this special cigar in limited edition packs of 5 cigars as a factory exclusive.  Cigar enthusiasts who visit J.C. Newman’s cigar museum, take a factory tour, or attend a special event at its El Reloj factory will be able to enjoy this very special cigar.
        Cuesta-Rey No. 95 Single Cigar
        Cuesta-Rey No. 95 Cameroon 5-Pack on display
        J.C. Newman Cigar Co. Petitions to Import Cuban Tobacco Again

        J.C. Newman Cigar Co. Petitions to Import Cuban Tobacco Again

        J.C. Newman Cigar Co. Petitions to Import Cuban Tobacco Again
        The last bale of pre-embargo Cuban tobacco in the United States is in J.C. Newman’s Tampa cigar factory. 

        TAMPA, FL – J.C. Newman Cigar Co., the last operating cigar factory in the “Cigar City” of Tampa, Florida, filed a petition with the U.S. Department of State requesting authorization to import Cuban tobacco grown by “independent Cuban entrepreneurs” into the United States.  The State Department currently allows American companies to legally import coffee and a few other products from Cuba.  If granted, J.C. Newman will be able to import the first Cuban tobacco into the United States in 60 years. 

        “My family has a long history with Cuban tobacco,” said Drew Newman, great-grandson of company founder J.C. Newman.  “From 1895 until President Kennedy imposed the Cuban Embargo in 1962, my grandfather and great-grandfather imported millions of pounds of tobacco from Cuba through Tampa.  Our last shipment of Cuban tobacco was the subject of a legal dispute decided by the Supreme Court.”

        J.C. Newman saved its final bale Cuban tobacco, which is now the last bale of pre-embargo Cuban tobacco in the United States.  This sixty-year-old tobacco continues to age in the basement of J.C. Newman’s historic El Reloj cigar factory in Ybor City.  

        Under the so-called Sec. 515.582 program, the State Department allows “commercial imports of certain specified goods and services produced by independent Cuban entrepreneurs” in order to “help promote [the Cuban people’s] independence from Cuban authorities.”  To help support Cuban independence, J.C. Newman is requesting that the State Department include raw tobacco grown by independent farmers in this program.

        “Prior to the Embargo, far more cigars were rolled with Cuban tobacco in Tampa than in Cuba because Tampa was home to the world’s best cigar factories,” said Newman. “Authorizing the importation of raw tobacco grown in Cuba would allow us to support independent Cuban entrepreneurs and to prove, once again, that we can roll better cigars with Cuban tobacco than Cuba can.”

        Brick House Beginnings – TAA Exclusive Original Aged Blend

        Brick House Beginnings – TAA Exclusive Original Aged Blend

        Before we could start on the major restoration we just completed at our El Reloj Cigar Factory in Tampa, our team had to clear out almost 70 years’ worth of items from the building. During this process, we uncovered some hidden gems.

        One of those was a trap door from the 1930s with a secret staircase that went from the General Managers’ office down into the basement where he could hide when the Tampa Mafia would come through looking for payroll cash. Another was J.C.’s travel trunk that accompanied him on his voyage from Hungary to Cleveland in 1889. But perhaps the most exciting find for fans of our brands was a stash of 10-year-old Brick House cigars that was tucked away in the basement years ago to age and wait for a special occasion to arise. When we rediscovered them during our 125th year, we thought that sharing them with our TAA retailers would be a perfect fit.

        Fans of Brick House will recognize the flavor of its distinctive blend but will taste some notable differences in this aged version. The many years that have passed since these were rolled have created a smooth and balanced taste that only time has the ability to do. Through the aging process, the flavors have married and created a cigar more mellow and a bit less spicy than its contemporary counterpart. Discover a taste of history and savor this once-in-a-decade Brick House. 

        This cigar has now shipped and will be arriving on TAA Retailers’ shelves soon.

        Brick House Beginnings – TAA Exclusive Original Aged Blend
        Mighty Mighty Maduro (6 ¼” x 60)
        10 cigars per box
        Mighty Mighty Natural (6 ¼” x 60)
        10 cigars per box
        Churchill Natural (7 ¼ x 50)
        10 cigars per box

        Brick House Beginnings Retailers

        brick house cigar on taa brick house cigar box
        jc newman cigar co handrolling floor with brick house beginnings cigars. full box of 10 cigars
        brick house cigar on cigar rolling table with tobacconist association of america red cigar footband
        J.C. Newman’s New Cigars: The Yagua and The American

        J.C. Newman’s New Cigars: The Yagua and The American

        J.C. Newman New Releases and the Company Legacy

        Cigars produced by J.C. Newman, carry a legacy of dedication to quality, and history. Through two world wars, a great depression, and the cigar boom, many of our cigars have stood the test of time. As we approach our 125th company anniversary, we reflect on the cigars we’ve produced that have made an impact on the industry, all while looking ahead to what we can contribute to the future.

        Innovation is key to growth but taking a moment to look into the past has allowed us to make decisions about the future. Two of the newest cigar additions to our catalog, the Yagua and The American, are taking us back to the roots of cigar making, while forging forward into the ever-changing palates of the cigar smoker.

        Yagua Cubano Packaging Presentation

        Yagua from PENSA: The Imperfect Nicaraguan Cigar

        This cigar will be far from the blemish free cigars that the industry has come to know and love. This cigar is birthed from a romantic story, told to Drew Newman by the J.C. Newman PENSA factory manager, Lazaro Lopez.

        Lazaro recounted tales of his grandfather, working out in the remote tobacco fields of Cuba, far from the cigar factories in the cities. After harvesting the tobacco and allowing it to ferment, Lazaro’s grandfather would roll up a few cigars by hand to smoke for himself. Without any of the modern factory tools, Lazaro’s grandfather had to be resourceful. He took a few fronds from the Yagua tree – a royal palm that is native to Cuba – and tied them around a bundle of his hand rolled cigars to help give them a firm shape. While the unique binding technique worked, because the cigars were pressed together while still wet, they took the form of the other cigars they were tied to, resulting in cigars that were anything but round. Some cigars had five sides, others were more triangular, but none were the same.

        Inspired by Lazaro’s childhood memory, we challenged our factory to make a cigar using the same process. The tobaccos were hand selected and fermented to mimic the boldness of his Grandfather’s freshly picked tobacco and the cigars are rolled wet, ensuring each cigar is uniquely shaped.  Named Yagua, after the palm leaves which bound the cigars, this new concept is sure to appeal to the seasoned cigar lover looking for something unconventional in the modern humidor.

        The American: Back to Tampa Cigar Factory Roots

        By now you’ve probably heard of our project, The American. After much anticipation, this cigar has recently shipped to select retailers nation-wide.

        The brand was initially created by E. Regensburg and Sons – which originally owned the El Reloj factory J.C. Newman currently operates in Tampa, Florida. Though, at that time, the cigar was not 100% American made like today’s version, the original label has been enhanced, and elevated, while keeping the original symbolism in a nod to the history of the cigar.

        The entire American production is only rolled by two hand-rollers here in Tampa, making the cigar very limited. When the factory re-opens in 2020 for our 125th company anniversary, we will have a significant portion of the 3rd floor dedicated to the tradition of hand-rolling cigars. With room for 14 rollers, and even a lector, El Reloj will look and feel like taking a step back in time; back to the early 1900’s of cigar making in Tampa. At that time more cigars will be rolled, and you will even be able to purchase limited edition cigars right here at the factory.

        american cigar square

        The Future of Cigars is Now

        We’re so looking forward to sharing these cigars, and our factory with you next year, and for many years to come. Mark your calendars for the factory opening in Spring of 2020, and don’t forget to look at your local retailer for the Yagua, and The American, available soon!