Our Hottest-Selling New Cigar in 100 Years

Without a doubt, Brick House Double Connecticut is our family’s fastest-selling new cigar in more than 100 years. With a unique blend of Connecticut and Nicaraguan tobaccos and a smooth, rich taste, Brick House Double Connecticut has taken the American cigar market by storm and earned accolades from cigar reviewers around the world. The secret to Brick House Double Connecticut’s success is its tobacco,
construction, and price.

The Double Connecticut Tobacco

What I love about Brick House Double Connecticut is that it marries classic “Old World” premium cigar tobaccos from Connecticut with bold and flavorful “New World” tobaccos from Nicaragua.

For nearly 400 years, farmers have grown premium cigar tobaccos in the Connecticut River Valley outside of Hartford. William Thrall was one of the first settlers in Connecticut shortly after it became a British colony. In the 1640s, he started growing tobacco on his plot of land and began a legacy that has now spanned more than 10 generations. In 1911, his descendant, O.J. Thrall, helped develop the method for growing tobacco under the cloth – what we know as Connecticut Shade – to produce fine, smooth wrapper leaves. We proudly wrap Brick House Double Connecticut with Connecticut Shade grown by the Thrall family, the authentic pioneers of Connecticut Shade.

The binder in Brick House Double Connecticut is Connecticut Broadleaf – the most famous premium cigar tobacco grown in Connecticut. Our Broadleaf binders have an equally impressive pedigree. John Foster’s ancestors began farming in Northwestern Connecticut in 1790. More than two centuries later, they are still cultivating the same land. John and his family grow Brick House Double Connecticut’s Broadleaf binder.

The point here is that Brick House Double Connecticut contains two of the finest cigar tobaccos in the world. Unlike some other cigars that save money by using so-called “Connecticut” tobaccos that actually are grown in other countries, Brick House Double Connecticut features real, genuine Connecticut Shade and Broadleaf, grown by two long-established American families who have demonstrated a commitment to quality for hundreds of years.

We pair these two outstanding Connecticut tobaccos with a complex and flavorful blend of Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. In contrast to the “Old World” tobaccos grown in Connecticut for centuries, farmers first started planting cigar tobacco in Nicaragua after the Cuban Revolution in the 1960s. This newness can be seen in the bright, bold flavors that make Nicaraguan tobaccos world famous.

For Brick House Double Connecticut, we selected a blend of long filler tobaccos grown in three different valleys in northern Nicaragua by three of the finest tobacco-growing family companies: Aganorsa, Oliva, and Perez. We chose this unique blend because these filler leaves compliment each other to create a vibrant bouquet of flavors. To enhance the cigar’s construction, we wrap the filler with a secondary binder from Nicaragua. Unlike others, we age our filler tobaccos, which enhances the taste of the leaves but removes any harshness.

The Construction of the Cigar

My grandfather, Stanford J. Newman, believed that every cigar had to be perfect because if a consumer smoked a flawed one, he may never try that cigar again. Although it is very difficult to make a handmade product like Brick House Double Connecticut perfect every time, perfection is our obsession.

As our J.C. Newman PENSA cigar factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, we have a very rigorous quality control process to ensure that each cigar meets my grandfather’s very high standards:

First, an immediate supervisor in our rolling room physically inspects every Brick House cigar before itis allowed to leave the cigarmaker’s table.

Next, Brick House cigars move to our inspection room where our trained inspectors closely examine each cigar, one by one, again before allowing them to enter our aging rooms.

Last, after completing the aging process, a quality control inspector in our packing department re-inspects every Brick House a final time and sorts them by color to ensure a uniform presentation in each box.

Handcrafting cigars is a slow and labor-intensive process. We do not take any shortcuts and strive for perfection. The end result is that Brick House Double Connecticut is an outstanding cigar.

An Amazing Stick at a Competitive Price

There are countless cigar brands from Nicaragua.

The truth is that our Brick House cigars are of the same quality and caliber as the average $10 Nicaraguan cigar. We just happen to sell our Brick House cigars for a lot less so they retail for around $6 instead of $10.

How do we do it? It is pretty simple:

First, we own our own factory. Brick House cigars are rolled in our J.C. Newman PENSA factory in Esteli. This means that there is no factory owner, importer, distributor, or other middlemen who have to be paid and make a profit.

Second, J.C. Newman PENSA is the second largest cigar factory in Nicaragua. It is very clean, efficient, and well run. Our economies of scale allow us to have lower operating costs than the many smaller Nicaraguan factories.

Third, we are an old, long-established family company. Because we have been handcrafting cigars for four generations and 123 years, we have lower profit margins than most of our competitors.

Together, this allows us to sell Brick House for a fraction of the cost of its Nicaraguan peers, making Brick House an outstanding value for your customers.

From the highest quality tobaccos to its superior construction to its affordable price, it is no secret why Brick House Double Connecticut is our family’s hottest-selling new cigar brand in 100 years. If you are not featuring Brick House Double Connecticut in your humidor, you are missing out on one of the finest and most successful new cigars in the world.

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