In 1910, our factory, ‘El Reloj’ was constructed in Cigar City – Tampa, Florida. It’s been 110 years, and it’s time our historic cigar factory had some updates – both structurally, and cosmetically. In 2020, we will be opening our factory to the public for tours, and cigar experiences. Cigar and history lovers alike will be delighted by the changes will be featuring here.

On this page, we will be documenting the renovations taking place in our museum and throughout our factory. Be sure to check back periodically for updates on each of the floors and don’t forget to mark you calendars to visit us in 2020!

First Floor Renovations

Tampa Room in Museum 

Front Office/Lobby

Cleveland Room in Museum 

Cleveland Room in Museum Second View

Women’s Bathroom in Museum 

Men’s Bathroom in Museum

Executive Office Hallway – Previous Exterior of Building

Conference Room – Previously J.C.’s Office

Second Floor Renovation 

Women’s Bathroom on Second Floor 

Men’s Bathroom on Second Floor 

Stairwell on Second Floor to Museum